Or similar to Dongfeng Landau, Netcom SAIC will build a high-end electric brand

Recently, we learned from relevant channels that SAIC Group is promoting a brand new electric intelligent vehicle project code named “L”. The “L” project will be headed by Chen Hong, chairman of SAIC Group, and Wang Xiaoqiu, President of SAIC Group, will be the commander-in-chief. In order to build a Chinese version of Tesla, SAIC Group attaches enough importance to the project. < / P > < p > at the same time, the “L” project will set up an independent company and adopt the market-oriented capital operation mode. In the future, in addition to SAIC Group, it is expected to attract more domestic and international capital to join. Judging from this point, it has some similarities with the independent high-end electric vehicle brand Landu of Dongfeng. < / P > < p > it is reported that the “L” project will be positioned in the field of high-end intelligent vehicles, creating a “super central computer on the wheels”, together with its layout in software, chips, high-precision maps, automatic driving, travel services and other aspects, which will provide effective assistance for the implementation of the “L” project in the future, and we will continue to pay attention to more information about the project.