One in the United States dies every 80 seconds after the new 5.4 million unemployed are “out of food” and can’t last for a month

novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in Beijing as of 20:35 am, August 6th, according to the latest statistics from Johns Hopkins University in the United States. More than 18 million 830 thousand cases of newly diagnosed crown pneumonia were diagnosed worldwide, and 708 thousand cases died. US media said novel coronavirus pneumonia was killed every 80 seconds in every American population. Young people of the new crown virus infected the world are increasing rapidly. Trump claimed that “children’s immunity to virus” has been deleted. Experts warn French epidemic or “always out of control.” Customers wear masks at a Wal Mart supermarket in Sugar City, Houston, Texas on July 16, local time. A few days ago, a number of retailers in the United States announced that customers must wear face masks and other face shields when entering stores. Photo by Zeng Jingning, China News Agency / < / P > < p > customers wear masks to shop in a Wal Mart supermarket in Sugar City, Houston, Texas, on July 16, local time. According to the latest statistics from Johns Hopkins University, there are more than 4.82 million confirmed cases and 158000 deaths in the United States. The epidemic situation is still rampant, and clustering infection events continue. US media said a confirmed man in Ohio caused cluster infection after attending church activities in mid June, which has caused 91 infections; 517 prisoners in an Arizona prison have tested positive for new coronavirus. < p > < p > on May 5, local time, statistics released by the National Broadcasting Corporation of the United States showed that 7486 new coronavirus deaths occurred in the United States in the last week, with an average of one death due to infection of the new coronavirus every 80 seconds. The situation in California, Florida and Texas remains grim. At a time when the new epidemic continues to spread, the “relief payments” that many unemployed people in the United States depend on for a living also stopped on July 31. Some people even have to use their retirement savings in advance because of the “food shortage” dilemma. < p > < p > a new analysis from the “morning consultation” of American pollsters predicts that without unemployment benefits, 5.4 million unemployed people will be unable to pay their living bills, including rent, water and electricity, by the end of September, 9.2 million people will face this fate. < p > < p > an analysis of the 6 million confirmed cases of new coronavirus between February 24 and July 12 found that the proportion of young people aged 15 to 24 who were infected with the new coronavirus has tripled in about five months, from 4.5% to 15%, according to the WHO. In addition to the United States, countries including Spain, Germany, France and Japan also indicated that many of their new cases were young people. Analysis said that this is mainly due to many young people do not abide by the epidemic prevention norms, do not wear masks to participate in large-scale gatherings. In addition, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government of Japan announced on the 6th that 360 newly confirmed cases were reported in the local area on a single day, covering all age groups from under 10 to 80 years old, of which, about 64% were infected in their 20s and 30s. Mike Ryan, who’s head of emergency affairs, called on young people to stop partying at will on August 5. “Young people also need to recognize their responsibilities and ask themselves: do I really need to go to that party?” he said On the other hand, U.S. President trump, in order to promote the resumption of school, still declared in an interview that “children are almost immune to the virus”. Currently, Posts containing the content have been removed from Facebook and twitter in the United States. < p > < p > < p > “facebook” and “Twitter” both said that children were “almost immune” to the new coronavirus, in violation of their platform’s ban on publishing false information about the new crown. Recently, the number of new crown cases in Europe has been increasing. According to reports, the French Ministry of health released data on August 4 showed that the number of critically ill patients in the country increased by 13, breaking the downward trend since April. France’s Scientific Council for coping with the new crown warned that the epidemic could get out of control “at any time.”. < p > < p > the Council said in a report that since France lifted its two-month strict blockade in May, social distance and isolation measures have not been observed and the spread of the new coronavirus has intensified. “At any time, we could be out of control like Spain.” According to the guardian, 1045 new cases of new crowns were confirmed in Germany on the 6th, the first time more than 1000 new cases have been reported in Germany since May. Germany’s health minister warned that the rate of increase in new infections in the country was worrying. In order to curb the spread of new coronavirus, many countries have further tightened the epidemic prevention measures. Victoria, Australia’s new crown epidemic continues to be urgent, Victoria governor Andrews 5 announced more restrictive measures. Workers who need to leave home to work in Melbourne must carry their work permits with them from June 6. The work permit must be jointly signed by the employer and the employee. In view of the deterioration of the epidemic situation in some parts of Australia and the flow of personnel between Australia and New Zealand, the Ministry of health of New Zealand has repeatedly warned that there may be a second outbreak of the new crown outbreak in the country. New Zealand health minister hipkin on the 6th encouraged people to keep some spare masks at home to prevent the new crown epidemic from “making a comeback” in New Zealand.