On the frontline of the motherland’s frontier defense, they watch home and country

With the light of the morning and the towering snow peak, 12 officers and men of the kunmujia post of the Tibet Military Region set off in the morning sun. According to the plan, they will patrol to boundary pillar 18, which is the highest altitude in the defense area. < / P > < p > “go With the order of commander tudanwang for a long time, officers and soldiers of the patrol team quickly boarded the vehicle. According to Tu Danwang, the kunmujia post is more than 4900 meters above sea level. He and his comrades patrol more than 10 Fengxue mountain passes and snow mountain boundary markers all year round. < / P > < p > after 10 minutes, the car stops at the foot of Xuefeng. Next, tudanwangjiu will lead his comrades to climb over the snow peak with an altitude of more than 5000 meters and cross the river valley. During this trip, everyone’s rucksack has treasured the brush and red lacquer, and painted red for the boundary marker on the occasion of the mother’s 71st birthday. < / P > < p > there is no road under their feet, so officers and soldiers use their feet to make a patrol road. Staff sergeant Jia niansheng has been guarding the post for 10 years. With his memory of the location of the surrounding rocks, he can clearly distinguish the direction in the worst weather. < p > < p > in the middle of the day. Due to the heavy physical consumption of officers and soldiers, tudanwang long told everyone to rest in situ and take turns to take oxygen to supplement their physical strength. When Jia niansheng first participated in the patrol of boundary pillar No. 18, he was unable to climb the snow peak due to high altitude reaction. At the moment, he simply took a few breaths of oxygen, and handed the oxygen bag to Qiu Yuhang, a first-class soldier on patrol. Continue to move forward, a section of mountain ridge in front of you. The officers and soldiers took out the backpack ropes, tied each other’s waist, and climbed up one by one. < / P > < p > “the boundary pillar is on the top of the opposite mountain, please work hard Tudan Wangjiu encouraged everyone to observe the terrain at the same time. At present, there are many “traps” hidden in the river valley. Under the huge mountains and rocks, the stream flows rapidly. < p > < p > under the snow peak, officers and soldiers charged to the boundary pillar on the top of the mountain. “Mountains know me, rivers know me, the motherland will not forget me.” In front of the No. 18 boundary pillar, the officers and soldiers sang the song in their hearts and painted red for the boundary pillar with rehearsal. < p > < p > he succeeded in climbing to the top of the mountain and painted red for the boundary marker. Qiu Yuhang could not hide his excitement. He said: “the boundary pillar is sacred, the mountains and rivers are silent. It is the pride and honor of frontier soldiers to protect the motherland’s mother.” On the eve of the national day, Li Jianyang, the instructor of the keketuluk border defense company of a border regiment of the southern Xinjiang Military Region, led the officers and soldiers to a certain point at an altitude of 5420 meters. < / P > < p > the officers and soldiers of the company are responsible for guarding the border line of more than 100 kilometers all year round, and most of the patrol points are located above 5200 meters above sea level. On this trip, they will cross several glaciers and climb an ice peak with an altitude of more than 5000 meters. < / P > < p > the foot is full of craggy rocks, and officers and soldiers may be injured if they walk on it. While crossing a steep cliff, the top soldier Wang Xinfu suddenly slipped and nearly fell off the cliff. Li Jianyang grabs him with a lunge, and the follow-up officers and soldiers walk slowly one after another hand in hand. < / P > < p > “it is a soldier’s unyielding oath to the motherland to measure the responsibility with his steps.” While encouraging Wang Xinfu, his comrades in arms tied the knapsack ropes to each other and tied each other. < / P > < p > “the glacier in front of us is a ghost gate.” Qi Da Jun, the fourth level Sergeant commander who has been defending the company for 14 years, told us that it was on this road of life and death that some comrades in arms had given their lives. < / P > < p > difficulties and dangers can’t stop soldiers! At 1:00 p.m., the patrol unit charged the snow peak at an altitude of 5420 meters. This is a section of cliff with a length of no more than 800 meters, but there are lots of rocks and ice on the way. Under the command of Li Jianyang, we all charged to the top of the mountain and finally arrived at the No. 1 boundary pillar on the top of the mountain. < p > < p > the mountain wind is howling, and the five-star red flag is particularly gorgeous. We hold up the five-star red flag and solemnly swear to the boundary pillar: “the motherland is under my feet. We will not lose an inch of land, and we will not yield to it.”