On October 17, the military information will be read every minute

The Yuanwang rocket transport fleet of China’s satellite maritime TT & C Department returned to its home port on the morning of 16, successfully completing the 41 day long March 5 carrier rocket sea transportation mission. On October 17, Yuanwang 6, China’s third generation Aerospace ocean going survey ship, successfully returned to the home port of China’s satellite maritime TT & C department after successfully completing two maritime TT & C missions. < p > < p > a knife attack occurred in the northwest suburb of Paris, the French capital, on the 16th, killing one person, and the attacker was shot dead by the police. French President Marcon delivered a speech on the same day, condemning the incident. < p > < p > a village near the Nigerian border in the extreme north region of Cameroon was attacked by members of the extremist organization Boko Haram from the night of 15th to the early morning of 16th, killing at least three civilians. The conflict between Azerbaijani and Armenian over Nagorny Karabakh continued on the 16th. Both sides accused the other party of breaking the cease-fire agreement and taking the initiative to attack.