On November 29th, we can read the world’s military information in one minute

Hours after Iranian nuclear physicist Mukhsin fahrizad was killed in the attack, US Navy officials said on the 28th that the “Nimitz” aircraft carrier battle group was returning to the Gulf. < / P > < p > an official of the US Department of Defense said that the order of aircraft carrier deployment was made a few days ago, originally to ensure the safe withdrawal of US troops from overseas battlefields, but at the same time, it can “release signals to Iran”. Ethiopia’s prime minister Abby Ahmed said on the 28th that the military operation of the Ethiopian national defense forces in Tigray state in the North has ended and it has taken control of the capital of the state, Merkel. According to the Sudan news agency on the 28th, the Sudan rapid support force announced on the same day that it had seized a large number of weapons and ammunition in kasala state, which borders Ethiopia in the east of Sudan.