On December 12, I read all the military information in one minute

At 9:54 on December 12, the chang’e-5 orbiter and re-entry vehicle assembly experienced about six days of waiting around the moon, and implemented the first lunar to earth transfer incident, changing from a near circular orbit to an elliptical orbit with a height of about 200 km near the lunar point. < / P > < p > the number of new crown cases in a single day in South Korea is approaching 700 for three consecutive days, and the epidemic situation in the capital region is particularly severe. The government announced on the 11th that it will send hundreds of additional soldiers, police and civil servants to help carry out the epidemiological investigation. South Korea and the United States reached an agreement on the same day on the return of 12 military bases to South Korea by US troops in South Korea, six of which are located in Seoul, South Korean officials said on the 11th. So far, only 12 of South Korea’s 80 U.S. military bases have yet to be recovered.