Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 573 of India’s 87 thousand medical staff.

According to the official website of the times of India, more than 87000 medical workers in India have been infected with the new coronavirus, mainly in Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal, Gujarat and New Delhi, accounting for 74% of the total. Official data show novel coronavirus pneumonia is associated with more than 86% of 573 deaths from medical staff. < / P > < p > according to the data, 24484 infected medical workers in Maharashtra, accounting for 28% of the total number, and more than half of the deaths of medical workers also came from Maharashtra.

novel coronavirus pneumonia screening was conducted in 995922 hospitals in India by August 28th. 87176 of them were diagnosed with an infection rate of about 6%. < / P > < p > Indian officials have investigated the infection and death status of front-line medical workers. They are worried about the working conditions of hospital staff and believe that the risks faced by front-line medical workers may endanger the progress of anti epidemic in India. Indian health officials suggested that states should strengthen the protection of medical staff, and pointed out that the high infection rate of medical staff may be related to the lax hospital infection control measures. In particular, the experts suggest that strict management measures should be taken to protect the medical staff in the areas where they live. < / P > < p > since April, the Indian government has purchased 5 million rupees of anti epidemic insurance for each medical worker, but by the end of August, the government had only received 143 insurance claims. There is a huge gap between the number of deaths and the number of claims. Official analysis, there may be some medical staff casualties do not meet the compensation conditions. In addition, the procedure of claim is complicated, which also affects the progress of claim.