Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a “cold damp epidemic”. Prevention and control of disease in autumn and winter need to be strengthened. China novel coronavirus pneumonia, a new Beijing medical center, is being let down by

, Xinhua. In November, 18, November, Lian Fengmei, a doctoral supervisor of the Chinese Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, was visiting Xinhua’s “health lecture hall”. The novel coronavirus pneumonia is a kind of external pathogen.

Lian Fengmei points out that TCM is pathogenic to external causes. In general, it is called evil pathogen. For epidemic diseases, it emphasizes its evil spirit.

“novel coronavirus pneumonia is collected by our team to study these characteristics, and we look for the method, curative effect and characteristics of TCM treatment of new crown pneumonia.” Lian Fengmei said: “the effect of traditional Chinese medicine is reflected in all aspects of the treatment process, but where is the specific embodiment? For example, in a community in Wuchang District of Wuhan City, we distributed tens of thousands of traditional Chinese medicine formula granules to suspected or diagnosed mild patients. The” cold dampness epidemic prescription “is also known as Wuhan” No.1 prescription “. Through data collection, we found that taking Wuhan‘ The weight conversion rate of mild patients in “No.1 prescription” was very low, while there was a certain proportion of patients who did not take traditional Chinese medicine. In addition, it has a good effect on improving the “recovery of Yang” in critically ill patients, critically ill patients and some patients after discharge