Novel coronavirus pneumonia in many parts of Spain rebounded

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Spain in the past 24 hours, 3650 cases were confirmed by new Spanish crown

, and 1199 cases were confirmed in single day in Madrid, the 21 most common area in Spain. < p > < p > the Ministry of public health of Madrid region on the 21st suggested that residents in the districts most affected by the epidemic should avoid unnecessary travel and personnel gathering, and suggested that the maximum number of residents gathering should not exceed 10. Madrid’s regional education minister said on the 21st that the region will start the new school year by combining the return to classroom and online teaching. < / P > < p > in addition to Madrid, the epidemic situation in Spain also rebounded. Basque Health Minister Mulga said at a press conference on the 21st that the region has entered the second wave of epidemic, and he said the epidemic in September will be more serious. Novel coronavirus pneumonia minister Patricia Gomez said on 21 July that as the number of hospitalized cases and the ICU cases continued to rise, the local medical system was in a state of tension. It is likely that more people will die of the new crown pneumonia. The chairman of the Valencia region Puig also expressed concern about the heavy burden of the medical system on the 21 day.