Novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control free psychological consultation hotline in Hebei Provincial Education Department

Shijiazhuang learned from Hebei Provincial Department of education on January 19 that in order to help the public and teachers and students do a good job in psychological protection against the epidemic and enhance their psychological immunity, Hebei Provincial Department of Education organized the psychological counseling professional force of Hebei Medical University and its affiliated hospitals to form a professional psychological support team. Since January 19, 2021, it will provide free psychological support for teachers and students and the public during the epidemic period To provide psychological counseling service. The

primary school novel coronavirus pneumonia patients were diagnosed as patients, suspected patients, close contacts, fever patients who came to hospital, and their families, colleagues and friends. The rear organization management personnel, rescue personnel, volunteers, etc. participating in the epidemic prevention and control work; the relevant groups, susceptible groups, and the general public affected by the epidemic prevention and control measures. < / P > < p > the service content is to understand the mental health status of all kinds of people affected by the epidemic, and timely identify high-risk groups according to the information, so as to avoid the occurrence of extreme events. Find out the possible signs of group psychological crisis, timely report to the joint prevention and control organization of epidemic situation, and provide suggested solutions. Comprehensive application of all kinds of psychological crisis intervention technology, combined with publicity and education, to provide mental health services for teachers, students and the public. Train and support social organizations to provide mental health services.