Novel coronavirus pneumonia diagnosed in the US exceeds 4 million 800 thousand people, Fauci fears low efficiency

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Washington, D.C.,

in August 5th. The number of people diagnosed with new crown pneumonia in the United States has exceeded 4 million 810 thousand people in local time 5, and the death toll exceeds 157 thousand. The novel coronavirus pneumonia in the United States was diagnosed at 4 million 818 thousand, or 157930, as of 8 hours in 5, according to

statistics from Johns Hopkins University. Among them, 528000 were diagnosed in California, 502000 in Florida, 474000 in Texas, 418000 in New York, 201000 in Georgia and 187000 in Illinois.

novel coronavirus pneumonia has dropped in recent days, with an increase of nearly 60 thousand cases, which is lower than the average number of new cases in 70 thousand in the late July. However, the number of deaths has not declined, and it still maintains a “peak” of around 1000 people per day. At the same time, the number of new coronavirus detection decreased in 22 of the 50 states. According to U.S. media statistics, the total number of daily tests dropped by 3.6% to 750000 times in the past two weeks. It is reported that many people choose to give up the test due to the situation that waiting time for testing can be as long as several hours and the results can not be obtained until several weeks after the test. Fudge, director of the National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases of the United States, said at a forum held by Harvard University on the same day that it was “unacceptable” to use one word to summarize the new crown test in the United States. Fudge said the significance of the test is to identify the infected people and track the contacts, and now because of the long waiting time for the results, “the significance of the test has been lost to a certain extent.”. Fudge said the efficiency of detection must be improved, and the ultimate goal is to achieve “detection results can be produced in 10 minutes”. < p > < p > on the epidemic situation, fouch said frankly that the United States is “worse than any other country” and “the data will not lie”. He believes that compared with other countries, the United States began to “restart the economy” before the number of new cases reached “low enough to be safe”, leading to a rebound in the epidemic situation. The novel coronavirus pneumonia is a disease that has not been reported in the past 100 years.

must take scientific measures such as wearing masks and not gathering indoors and outdoors. People should follow these suggestions. < / P > < p > with the coming of autumn semester, whether schools should “start school” and resume offline teaching has become an urgent issue. Following the announcement of Harvard University, Georgetown University and other colleges and universities that they will adopt the “whole line” teaching method, Chicago Mayor leitford announced on the 5th that all schools in Chicago will adopt the “online” mode of teaching this autumn semester. The New York city plan is a combination of “online and offline” mode, in which students come to school in turn and receive distance teaching at other times.

, according to novel coronavirus pneumonia, Biden, the presidential candidate, will not be accepted by the presidential election in the small conference in Wisconsin, according to US media reports. According to sources, the conference will be held entirely online, with Biden accepting nominations remotely from his home in Delaware. President trump, who has always insisted on holding large-scale conferences, recently cancelled the Florida agenda of the Republican conference. Trump said in an interview on the 5th that he might accept the Republican presidential nomination and make a speech at the White House. “It’s the easiest and the best.”