Novel coronavirus pneumonia diagnosed by mayor of gardman City, Nepal

novel coronavirus pneumonia was confirmed by Bidiya Sander Saga, mayor of gardman City, Nepal, according to Nepal media. The novel coronavirus pneumonia,

Mohan Banstora, said the mayor of Sharjah had a new crown pneumonia symptom. The mayors and their wives went to a local hospital for nucleic acid tests. The results showed that the mayor’s wife was negative, while the mayor of Sharjah had the positive result. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is not present in Sharjah’s mayor, and is being isolated at home. The mayor urged people who had contact with him to carry out nucleic acid testing as soon as possible, and immediately isolated themselves. < / P > < p > it is reported that deputy mayor Harry Prabha Haji, who had close contact with the mayor in his work, and some staff of the municipal government will be isolated.