Novel coronavirus pneumonia affects nearly 30000 people in South Africa’s fitness industry

Johannesburg August 5th novel coronavirus pneumonia industry held a protest on 5 March to express its dissatisfaction with the long shutdown of the industry due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic. Since novel coronavirus pneumonia was launched in March 27th, the fitness industry in South Africa has been at a halt since the implementation of the “blockade order” in March 27th. In response, Austin, a senior fitness industry expert in South Africa, said in an interview that during the epidemic period, as many as 29000 people in the industry were affected and then lost their jobs; nearly one third of the participants in the South African fitness industry had announced layoffs, while by the end of July, 14% of these fitness companies had completed the layoffs; about 48% of the gymnasium operators said that if they could not open as soon as possible, The stadiums are at risk of permanent closure.