Not seen in a century! Two tropical storms in the Gulf of Mexico may intensify into hurricanes

On August 23, local time, the US National Hurricane Center announced that tropical storm “Marco” may intensify into a hurricane on Sunday and land on the Louisiana coast before Monday, while tropical storm “< / P > < p >” Laura “passed through Puerto Rico in the early hours of Sunday, resulting in local power interruption. Hurricane warnings and voluntary evacuation orders have been issued in New Orleans, Louisiana. Tropical storm and hurricane warnings have also been issued along the coasts of Mississippi and Alabama. < p > < p > < p > “Marco” is expected to intensify into a hurricane on Sunday morning, with a speed of 130 km / h by Sunday night. The Hurricane Center said it would remain strong as it made landfall on Monday and then weaken to a tropical low pressure cyclone on Tuesday. “Laura” is expected to intensify into a hurricane on Tuesday morning and land in the same area as Marco on Wednesday evening. The Hurricane Center also said that, despite this, “there is a lot of change in the model and the storm is likely to change direction.” Phil klotsbach, a hurricane researcher at Colorado State University, said it would be the first time two hurricanes have appeared simultaneously in the Gulf of Mexico, with records dating back to 1900.