Northwest Gobi: multiple air defense firepower fire together to attack “incoming enemy”

On November 30 in Lanzhou, an air defense brigade of the 79th group army recently went to the northwest Gobi to carry out a variety of air defense firepower anti saturation attack drills and test the continuous attack and defense ability through the whole course of confrontation. < / P > < p > in this drill, the firing environment of live ammunition is bad, the situation is complex and the antagonism is strong. The whole drill is integrated into the actual combat background, focusing on the targeted training of information fusion, joint fire strike, quick fight and quick withdrawal maneuver, and testing the performance of weapons and equipment and the technical and tactical level of commanders and fighters. < / P > < p > in the land air confrontation, several “enemy planes” use the mountain shelter to bypass the radar blocking and directly raid the front of the air defense position. Diao Junqi, commander of a new air defense missile battalion, quickly organized his radar equipment to search and capture targets. All elements were closely connected to form an efficient fire air defense network and successfully fought against the incoming targets. < / P > < p > as soon as the land air confrontation ended, the troops quickly turned to the live ammunition shooting course. The flying speed of the raiding target is fast, and it is more difficult to search and capture the target. The radar early warning network just built by the officers and soldiers is suppressed by the strong electromagnetic interference of the “enemy” ground jamming station. Under the anti-jamming measures, the fire information network operates normally, and a new type of air defense weapon stably tracks and precisely guides, successfully converges with the locked target over the desert, and successfully completes the interception task. < / P > < p > “there is no pre-set script for this full factor actual combat drill. Special situation disposal and on-the-spot guidance and adjustment run through the whole process of the drill. The” unexpected situation “and” emergency situation “in the actual combat are really practiced and trained before, and the combat effectiveness of the army can be further improved.” Liu Zheng, the brigade commander at the scene, said.