North Korea takes measures to prevent flood disaster and issues rainstorm warning in many places

The central organ newspaper of the workers’ Party of Korea reported on the 6th that due to the influence of the Meiyu front in the central part of North Korea and the recent typhoon “hagupi”, the rainfall in most parts of North Korea has continued to increase, and many places have issued heavy rain and rainstorm warnings. According to statistics, from August 1 to 4, heavy rain and heavy rain of more than 200 mm occurred in Huanghai North Road, Huanghai South Road, Ping’an North Road, Jiangyuan road and Kaicheng city. Due to the recent continuous heavy rain, the water level of the Datong River is approaching the warning line, and the North Korean meteorological department has issued a flood warning recently. In addition, the water level of Qingchuan River and other rivers has continued to rise, which has exceeded the warning water level, and it is expected that the discharge will reach the maximum peak. According to the labor news report, in the face of the emergency caused by rainstorms in many regions, the party organizations at all levels in North Korea actively carried out relevant work. North Korea’s power sector flexibly arranged power supply in areas with severe rainfall to ensure the priority of power supply for flood control and emergency rescue, and to provide safe power guarantee for drainage equipment. Agricultural departments all over the country have also focused on protecting farmland and crop production. Ping’an South Road attaches great importance to the coastal rural flood control and water control projects, focusing on strengthening the coastal breakwater to ensure the normal operation of drainage equipment, the report said. The South Yellow Sea Road has established close contact with relevant units to monitor the rainfall in various regions in real time, and has established a flood information reporting mechanism for all units. The risk factors in flood control work are investigated one by one in Xianjing South Road, and the reservoir water level is monitored in real time, so as to take corresponding flood control measures according to the change of flood situation. < p > < p > in the capital city of Pyongyang, the party and government administrative departments at all levels and the workers’ organizations at all levels give full play to their enthusiasm, go deep into the scene to understand the situation, and formulate practical countermeasures for flood and waterlogging prevention. In addition, a number of propaganda vehicles have been sent out to publicize the urgency and importance of flood fighting to residents.