“No health code” green channel is set up for the elderly in hospitals above grade II in Beijing

Novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention and control work in Beijing, November 5, November,

, Beijing, was informed that to meet the needs of normal epidemic prevention and control and easy access for the elderly, and solve the difficulties encountered by the elderly in the application of intelligent technology registration, the hospital will further optimize the registration service for elderly people by establishing various initiatives such as “green channel without health code” and other measures. 。 Novel coronavirus pneumonia, mobile phone, is not available.

Beijing health and Health Committee inspector and spokesman Gao Xiaojun said that Beijing’s two or more medical institutions were doing well in the prevention and control of new crown pneumonia epidemic situation. Meanwhile, the hospital entrance added “green channel” without easy access to health care for elderly patients, equipped with help to help the elderly to carry out health code query operation; assistance without mobile phones, and indeed no health code was available. In order to shorten the waiting time of the elderly outside the diagnosis area, the epidemiological history survey was completed by filling in the flow chart manually. < p > < p > in terms of registration, on the basis of comprehensive non emergency appointment, medical institutions above level II provide a certain proportion of on-site registration sources for the elderly according to the actual situation of the elderly. Various medical institutions have improved various appointment registration methods such as telephone, network and on-site appointment, and unblocked the channels for family members, relatives and friends and family doctors to make appointment for the elderly. Before the end of 2020, all medical institutions will open a green channel to provide convenient services such as registration and medical treatment for the elderly. Qualified medical institutions open green channel for elderly care institutions to provide medical patrol, health management, rehabilitation guidance, health consultation, appointment treatment, emergency treatment, TCM health care and other services for the elderly, so as to ensure that the elderly can receive timely and effective medical treatment. < / P > < p > in addition, Beijing will also improve the community appointment referral service for elderly patients, smooth the referral channels, and give priority to the grassroots. We should optimize the Internet plus medical service for the elderly, fully consider the habits of the elderly, simplify the online medical service process, and provide voice guidance and artificial consultation for the elderly.