Nissan Z series sports car mass production plan confirmed the full use of Nissan Z proto design

Recently, according to foreign media reports, Nissan said at a recent meeting that the future Nissan z-series sports cars will adopt the design of the Nissan Z proto prototype, which means that the mass production plan of the future Nissan z-series sports cars has been finally confirmed. < / P > < p > not long ago, Nissan released the Z proto prototype. The body design adopted many saluting elements from the classic Nissan sports car in history. At the same time, it also revealed that it has a dual turbocharged V6 engine and a six speed manual transmission, but other detailed parameters have not been announced. < / P > < p > it can be seen that although the general idea of the new car was determined at that time, Nissan still wanted to see the reaction in the market. Now it is determined that the design of Nissan Z proto prototype will be adopted, which means that the mass production of Z series sports cars has officially started. < / P > < p > according to the previous forecast, the new Nissan z-series sports car is expected to be released by the end of 2022, or will be equipped with a 3.0L V6 turbocharged engine, with a power of 400 HP, which is the origin of the name of Nissan 400z. The transmission system is expected to include 7-speed automatic transmission and 6-speed manual model, but the final power system is still waiting for official confirmation.