NiO day to be held in Chengdu on January 9 next year

Recently, e-Car learned from official sources that the new NiO day will be held in Chengdu on January 9, 2021, which will not only be Weilai’s annual gathering of car owners, but also possibly release cars. < / P > < p > NiO day is an annual gathering of Weilai, users and friends. Considering the venue schedule and other factors, this year will usher in a special new year’s NiO day. I would like to remind you to arrange your itinerary according to the schedule, and look forward to meeting with you “land of abundance”. The Performing Arts Center of Wuliangye Chengdu financial city is located in the high tech Zone of Chengdu. It is located in the political and economic dual core area of Chengdu, with a total construction area of about 99000 square meters. It consists of two underground floors and five floors above the ground, and the audience capacity can reach 12000. This is the largest top-level indoor performance venue in Southwest China, with fashionable appearance, scientific and technological sense, comprehensive functions and advanced facilities. < / P > < p > et7 is the flagship car of Weilai. The car is designed and built with a sedan car similar to Audi A7, taking into account the demands of sports, fashion and space use. At the same time, it may also be built with the second generation platform currently under development, which still uses dual motor four-wheel drive and is compatible with L4 level driving assistance system.