Nezha launched the power up service, which can realize the power on behalf of customers by one key appointment of app

On September 15, Nezha Auto’s “smart service upgrade – Nezha power up” was officially released in Beijing. The plan is a power on solution based on mobile Internet, which aims to provide users with convenient and exclusive power up services through a wide network layout of charging and swapping facilities. In recent years, with the support of national policies and the promotion of the market, pure electric vehicles as the main force of new energy have developed rapidly, and the market share is also increasing year by year. However, due to the difficulties in finding charging piles, long waiting time for charging, and the fact that there is no charging station service network for different users in China, many pure electric vehicle users inevitably have mileage anxiety, and the problem of charging difficulty has become the common distress of pure electric vehicle users. < / P > < p > “Nezha power up” is an intelligent power up service launched by Nezha automobile, which aims to solve the user’s travel charging difficulties and pain points. It covers two parts: “Valet power up” and “Nezha intelligent fast charging station”. It provides users with easy and free power up service with extreme wisdom, convenience and safety. < / P > < p > power on behalf of customers. Users can place an order through the app and make an appointment with one button. The power up specialist will receive the order and pick up the car on site to provide power up service. The user can pay attention to the charging progress of the vehicle in real time and query the vehicle positioning through Nezha auto app, and evaluate the overall experience, so that the car can return home with full power. There is no need to wait for the whole process, so that users can really say goodbye to waiting and enjoy the leisure time with their families. < / P > < p > Nezha intelligent fast charging station. In the user’s core activity area, Nezha automobile has built a perfect, convenient and intelligent fast charging station, equipped with 60kW fast charging. Users can enjoy plug and play charging and free charging services at a short distance, whether during work or after shopping. The “charging station at home” makes the journey anxiety disappear. On the day of the press conference, Wang Siying’s self built charging station officially opened. Meanwhile, for the first users who purchased cars before the end of 2020, Nezha automobile also launched a number of preferential rights and interests: users without charging pile will give 48 times of Valet power up in the first year to support users’ 20000 km + driving mileage; users with charging pile will give 6 times of Valet power up in the first year to meet their emergency power up needs. In addition, private car owners can also enjoy 2 years of plug and play charging free of charge when charging at Nezha smart fast charging station. Whether you are in a strange city, or you can’t install a dedicated charging pile for various reasons, “Nezha power up” can realize one click booking and return to full power. < / P > < p > at present, the first batch of five Nezha smart fast charging stations in Beijing are under planning and construction except for the wangsiying self built charging station in Beijing. Within this year, Nezha automobile will build a total of 20 “Nezha intelligent fast charging stations” in Beijing to achieve the goal of “covering 5 km of Beijing’s urban core area”. This is almost the construction of Nezha intelligent fast charging stations at home. In the future, “Nezha power up” will gradually expand to major cities in China, and gradually achieve the goal of “thousands of stations and ten thousand piles” to completely eliminate the worries of charging users. As one of the few domestic automobile manufacturing enterprises that lay out power on service, Nezha automobile adheres to the original intention of “approaching users and making friends with users”, and provides users with “emotional, intelligent and digital” service experience. It has launched a series of intimate services, such as lifelong warranty of three power, 7×24-hour home. The release of “Nezha power up” will further improve the charging service network, enhance the user experience and avoid the worries of users.