Nezha Eureka 03 concept car Nezha V mass production vehicle will appear in 2020 Beijing Auto Show

On September 10, we learned from the official of Nezha automobile that at the upcoming 2020 Beijing auto show, all kinds of heavy-duty models of Nezha will be present, including the new concept car Eureka 03 and the third mass production car Nezha V, as well as the pure electric SUV Nezha u, which will be launched in March this year. < / P > < p > as one of the most popular heavy-duty models, Eureka 03 is a new concept car built by Nezha based on the platform and pedigree concept, which will carry the latest exploration and application of Nezha in the field of intelligent safety. < / P > < p > according to the official sketch previously exposed, the car is a pure electric luxury four door sedan, with a very futuristic look. In the past, the concept cars released by Nezha automobile have launched corresponding mass production models, and the similarity is as high as 90%. Therefore, Eureka 03 is considered as the embryonic form of Nezha’s next generation products. According to Nezha’s product planning, mass production models may appear in 2021. < / P > < p > another notable heavyweight model is the Nezha V, the third mass production vehicle of Nezha automobile. The length, width and height of this vehicle are 4070mm × 1690mm × 1540mm, and the wheelbase is 2420mm. It is a small pure electric SUV. The new car adopts the leading battery of Ningde times, and the NEDC has a combined operating range of 401 km. The appearance of Nezha V is somewhat similar to Tesla’s model 3. The interior of Nezha V is equipped with a 13.3-inch suspended central control display screen, eliminating the traditional physical buttons, and significantly improving the intelligent and entertainment level of the vehicle. It has been revealed that Nezha V will continue a number of intelligent security configurations on Nezha u, such as in car vital signs monitoring system, lane departure warning, forward collision warning, etc.