Newly diagnosed cases of novel coronavirus pneumonia in Brazil exceed 3 million 580 thousand, 50032 new cases

The novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Brazil is 50032 cases, with a total of 3582362 confirmed cases, with 892 new cases of death and 114250 deaths, a total of 2709638 patients recovered, according to data released by the Ministry of health of the 22 in

, 18 hours local time. Brazil’s economy is expected to decline by about 8% to 10% in the second quarter compared with the first quarter of this year, according to a recent survey conducted by Brazilian media global network with 12 financial institutions and consulting companies. Among them, a study conducted by the Brazilian Economic Research Institute shows that Brazil’s economic recession in the second quarter of this year will be the largest in nearly 40 years. The biggest drop so far was in the fourth quarter of 1990, when Brazil’s economy was 4.7% weaker than the previous quarter, the researchers noted. Economist Silvia Matos believes that except for agricultural trade, almost all GDP indicators are expected to show negative growth in the second quarter, and Brazil’s economy will return to the level it was 11 years ago.