New York City will set up checkpoints on major transportation routes to strengthen the enforcement of epidemic prevention regulations

China News Agency, New York, August 5, New York City Mayor Bai Sihao said on the 5th that New York City began to set up inspection points on key transportation routes entering the city, and strengthened the implementation of epidemic prevention regulations such as self isolation of foreign tourists.

New York announced novel coronavirus pneumonia risk areas in June with New Jersey and Connecticut. The travelers need to be isolated for 14 days after arrival. At present, California, Texas, Florida and other 34 states in the United States, as well as Puerto Rico, are listed as high-risk areas by New York state. During the meeting held on the same day, Bai Sihao said that the New York City sheriff’s office is responsible for the setting of checkpoints, and the locations will be adjusted daily. New York City Police Chief Joseph faustu said checkpoints will be set near major bridges and tunnels in New York City. In addition to strengthening the quarantine policy, passengers will also be checked for compliance with other epidemic prevention regulations. The work of each checkpoint will be carried out in accordance with a set of uniform procedures to ensure that the rights of all are protected. Bai Sihao said he hoped that by setting up checkpoints, the public could understand the importance of strictly implementing quarantine and other epidemic prevention regulations. New York City also cooperates with transportation and tourism enterprises to strengthen the popularization of epidemic prevention knowledge and the implementation of epidemic prevention regulations. New York City can provide accommodation, food, medicine, etc. if necessary. Those who violate the epidemic prevention regulations will face a fine of up to $10000.