New Tesla Model 3 spy photo exposure with new style wheel design

Recently, we obtained the latest spy photos of the new Tesla Model 3 from relevant channels. Different from the previously known changes in the body style and interior, this new spy photo captured a new style of wheel rim. < / P > < p > without careful differentiation, it is difficult to find out the style changes of this new wheel rim. The design of its wheel spokes looks very similar to that of the current model, and the rim cover looks no different. < / P > < p > however, after careful comparison, it can be found that the rim thickness of the wheel rim has a significant increase compared with the old one, and the larger coverage area indicates that it provides better aerodynamic effect for the new wheel rim at the design level, which helps to reduce energy consumption. < / P > < p > not surprisingly, the size of the new wheel rim should still be 20 inches. At the same time, considering that the new wheel rim is optimized for aerodynamic design, there is no essential difference in style, so it may replace the current 20 inch sports wheel hub in the future.