New Kia Sportage rendering exposure will use the latest Kia logo

Recently, we have obtained new renderings from relevant channels. The car will not only adopt the latest appearance and interior design of Kia family, but also use the latest Kia logo. Brand new or to be released in April 2021, the future domestic version of long wheelbase vehicle may be named “kx5”. < / P > < p > through the latest rendering, we can reveal part of the brand-new appearance design in advance. The first is the front face design with more visual tension, which has complex lines and clear light and shadow effect. The front of the car is highly recognizable. < / P > < p > in the future, brand new models may have standard wheelbase and long wheelbase models. The former will be supplied to the global market, while the latter will be launched in China and other markets that value space. < / P > < p > in terms of power system, it is certain that new cars will continue to launch gasoline and diesel models. However, in order to further improve the emission level, the most popular 48V light hybrid technology may be introduced, and PHEV plug-in hybrid models and pure electric models are expected to be launched one after another.