New Hyundai Tucson’s latest interior spy photos

Recently, we obtained the latest interior spy photos from relevant channels, and saw the actual effect of the full LCD dashboard for the first time. The brand new will be launched in China during the 2020 Beijing auto show. In the future, the car may be made in China and positioned in the compact SUV market. < / P > < p > although we have brought you brand-new interior spy photos and design sketches before, we have never captured the real effect of the screen lighting when driving. This spy photo can clearly see the display style of the full LCD dashboard. It is expected that the theme color of the instrument panel of a new car will change according to the driving model. < / P > < p > interior part, through the previous design drawings, it can be seen that the instrument and central control part are composed of large-size LCD screen, and the size of the latter reaches 10.25 inches. In addition, the central control part and gear button are touch operated. < / P > < p > the new front face and lamp set is undoubtedly the most attractive design. When the lamp is on, the structure is novel, and the details of the front grille are almost the same. < / P > < p > the waistline is extremely prominent and the height is above the door handle. The roof and the luggage rack can be expanded by chrome plating. Through the tail light is simple and very eye-catching, the details and the front lights and grille clever echo. < / P > < p > the new power system may continue to use 2.0L engine with 161 horsepower and 181 horsepower 2.4L engine. This may be in North America. If you come to China, you may use the current 1.6T engine or provide new power options.