New Honda Civic hatchback declaration figure exposure abandons the design of return dart tail lamp

Recently, e-Car learned from overseas media that the patent application for the new hatchback hatchback hatchback was completed. In the picture, the front face of civic is more square than that of cash, and there is a bit of shadow of cash accord. The design of the tail lamp of the back dart is abandoned and replaced by the through design. < / P > < p > starting from the front, there is an improved grille with new, more horizontal headlights on both sides. The front bumper is also very new because it has a large central opening and trim that flows into the external air intakes. < / P > < p > compared with the cash civic hatchback, the front face in the picture is more square. The shape of the headlight is similar to trapezoid, and the radian of the cash headlight disappears and becomes flat. The new car uses two layers of air intake grilles. The opening of the upper grill is small, and the bottom grill has a large air inlet. It looks a bit like the current accord. < / P > < p > the hood is smoother and has a long front overhang. The new car also has a straighter waistline. The more radical rear design of the cash model has been weakened, and the rear spoiler and the tail lamp of the loopback dart have been eliminated. Instead, the through taillights are designed. The taillights on both sides are connected by thin light strips, and the rear spoiler is integrated with the taildoor in a low profile. < / P > < p > generally speaking, the new civic hatchback looks much more low-key than its current model, and people who don’t like the radical design of the current model should be more able to accept such a shape. But it does look dull. Honda did not disclose much information about the upcoming next generation Civic. All the next generation Civic models in overseas markets will be produced in the United States, and the research and development of the next generation type R is in progress. It is rumored that the next generation of type R may use a hybrid powertrain with an output power of about 400 horsepower (298kw).