New development of electric combat vehicle

Recently, Germany’s Flensburg automobile company launched a new type of “Genesis” oil electric hybrid wheeled infantry combat vehicle. This unique infantry combat vehicle not only has a full sense of science fiction stealth shape, but also has been widely concerned by the industry due to the use of hybrid technology. It is said that the vehicle was developed in 2017 to bid for the German army’s new wheeled armored vehicle project. “Genesis” introduces the mature electric vehicle technology in civil field into the design of heavy duty combat vehicle, which represents the development trend of electric combat vehicle. < / P > < p > the idea of using electricity to drive tanks and armored vehicles is not new. It has appeared in the early tank design and development, but the most famous one is the German “elephant” type / “Ferdinand” heavy tank fighter vehicle. In order to improve the maneuverability of the “tiger” type heavy tank, the designer introduced the “tiger” P heavy tank with electric drive system when developing the “tiger” type heavy tank in Germany. The car is equipped with two Porsche 101 / 1 air-cooled gasoline engines, which drive the generator to generate electricity, provide power for the motor, and then drive the driving wheel of the track to rotate. Because the “tiger” P heavy tank did not solve the reliability problem of the electric drive system, Germany finally chose to use the traditional mechanical transmission system of the “tiger” tank scheme. However, after the “tiger” P heavy tank was manufactured, it was still put into the battlefield, code named “elephant”, and some vehicles were converted into heavy tank fighter vehicles, code named “Ferdinand”. These two types of vehicles became the most famous heavy tank destroyer on the battlefield of World War II. Since then, Germany has launched the “rat” type super heavy tank with a total combat weight of 188 tons, still using electric drive system. There is a reason why German people love electric drive system. On the one hand, the electric drive device can flexibly arrange the position of the motor and promote the rationalization of the layout of the chariot. On the other hand, the controllability of electric drive system is better than that of mechanical transmission system at that time. The electric transmission device of “tiger” P heavy tank has three forward gears and three reverse gears, which can easily change speed. Theoretically, it can realize stepless speed change and stepless steering. However, due to technical limitations, the early electric drive system generally has problems such as low power and poor stability in straight line driving. < p > < p > with the development of technology, the volume and efficiency of electric drive device reach the same level as mechanical transmission system. In order to effectively use the power from the generator, the electric drive system began to be equipped with large capacity battery pack as auxiliary power supply. In this way, the combat vehicle can be driven by both gasoline / diesel engine and battery, and become a hybrid vehicle of oil and electricity. After entering the 21st century, many countries begin to study the hybrid technology of oil and electricity for tanks and armored vehicles. In this context, “Genesis” is an oil electric hybrid combat vehicle, whose good quiet driving ability highlights the advantages of electric drive. The full combat weight of the vehicle is 40 tons. The modular armor layout is adopted, and different protection levels of armor can be installed according to the combat threat. The weapon equipment is an overhead turret, which is equipped with a 30mm machine gun and a parallel machine gun. After stealth processing, the turret and barrel can minimize the radar and infrared signal characteristics. The power system of Genesis is very unique. The vehicle is equipped with a diesel electric hybrid power unit with a total power of 1860 horsepower. The design is also different from the electric drive. The diesel engine of the device drives the generator to generate electricity, but not to supply the motor, but to charge the battery pack. The battery pack supplies power to eight independent motors to drive the eight tires of the chariot forward respectively. When a single motor or tire fails, it can be adjusted to idle state to ensure that the chariot continues to move forward. The biggest advantage of this power system is that the battery pack is not only an auxiliary power source, but also a second active power source to directly drive the chariot forward. After the diesel engine stops running, the chariot driven by electric power turns into silent driving state, which greatly reduces the probability of being detected. In addition, the battery pack can also act as a “power bank” to charge other on-board electrical equipment. The maximum speed of the vehicle is 100 km / h. It can drive 600 km / h at 60 km / h when using diesel electric power, and 150 km / h at 40 km / h when the motor is independently driven. Since 1980s, people began to explore all electric tank armored vehicles with electric drive, electric drive, electromagnetic gun and electromagnetic armor technology. The “Genesis” of diesel electric hybrid technology is one of the exploration results. The technology adopted by the vehicle basically solves the problems of electric drive, electric transmission and electric energy storage. However, to manufacture an all electric tank armored vehicle, a breakthrough in electromagnetic gun and electromagnetic armor is needed. < / P > < p > however, both the electromagnetic gun and the electromagnetic armor will consume a lot of electric energy, which means that the electric energy reserve device of the combat vehicle will become larger and larger. This is also one of the difficulties in the development of all electric tank. “Genesis” is different from the traditional electric drive chariot. Although the high-capacity battery pack only supplies the power system, its appearance provides a beneficial exploration for installing electromagnetic gun and electromagnetic armor on the combat vehicle.