New crown cases continue to increase in the Middle East, with positive signs in some countries

Kuwait City reported in the Middle East on August 6: the number of new cases in the Middle East continued to increase on August 6, while positive signs appeared in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and other countries. < / P > < p > the new crown epidemic in Palestine is still on the rise. There were 453 new confirmed cases, 17434 confirmed cases and 95 deaths, according to data released by the Ministry of health on June 6. < / P > < p > Israel’s Ministry of health released data on the 6th, showing 1640 new confirmed cases in the country on the same day, with a total of 79559 confirmed cases and 576 deaths. Israeli national new crown project leader Ronny gamuzu said on the 6th that Israel has no plan to block at this stage, but if the infection rate does not show a downward trend in the next two weeks, new restrictive measures may be taken. According to data released by the Ministry of health of Morocco on the 6th, 1144 new cases of new crowns were confirmed in the country in the past 24 hours, with a total of 29644 cases confirmed and 449 deaths. The Moroccan government announced on the 6th that the national public health emergency would be extended to September 10, taking into account the rapid development of the recent epidemic. The Moroccan government stressed that people will be fined for not wearing masks when they go out. The Ministry of health of Saudi Arabia announced on the 6th that 1402 new confirmed cases were reported in Saudi Arabia, with 284226 confirmed cases and 3055 deaths. Saudi Health Ministry spokesman Muhammad Ali said on the 6th that the number of severe cases of new crown in Saudi Arabia has dropped by 12% in the past two weeks, and now the situation has improved, thanks to the vigorous implementation of preventive measures. According to data released by the Ministry of health of Kuwait on June 6, 620 new confirmed cases were reported in Kuwait, with a total of 70045 confirmed cases and 469 deaths. The Ministry of Health said on the same day that since entering the third stage of returning to work and giving birth, there have been some positive signs in the development of the epidemic. The number of new confirmed cases, new deaths and severe cases per day is relatively stable. Compared with three months ago, the number of cases treated in the hospital has also decreased. At present, contact infection is still the main reason for the increase of cases, and more preventive measures are still needed. There were 427 new confirmed cases in Oman on June 6, with 80713 confirmed cases and 492 deaths. Oman’s Ministry of Health said in an official website on June 6 that the new epidemic situation in Oman is showing a slowing down trend. < / P > < p > the cumulative number of confirmed cases announced by some countries on the 6th was 320117 in Iran, 237265 in Turkey, 140603 in Iraq, 112092 in Qatar, 95006 in Egypt and 42889 in Bahrain.