New confirmed cases in France hit a two month high in one day

The novel coronavirus pneumonia outbreak in France in August 5th in

, China News Agency, Paris continued to rebound. On the 5 day, 1695 newly diagnosed cases were registered on a single day, the highest level in two months. Paris is hotly debated about the issue of compulsory outdoor mask wearing, but the official has not yet implemented it in Paris. According to the epidemic data released by the French Ministry of health that night, 1695 new confirmed cases were reported in France on the 5th, the highest since May 30. The French health authorities have stressed once again that even in the summer, the new coronavirus continues to spread, so it is necessary to strictly observe the epidemic prevention measures and protect the most vulnerable population.

Paris novel coronavirus pneumonia is one of the most serious areas of epidemic. How to deal with the second wave of possible epidemic has become the focus of attention. Paris officials said they would force people to wear masks in some outdoor places, but details were not released. In which outdoor places need to be forced to wear masks caused a lot of discussion. < p > < p > Paris city government officials disclosed on the evening of 5 that some consensus has been reached on the specific locations for mandatory outdoor wearing of masks in Paris, including the areas on both sides of the Seine River and the St. Martin canal, stations and the area around the open-air market. < / P > < p > the Paris municipal government and the police are still discussing whether to add more locations. The Paris city government said it would conduct a more detailed study on this so that people could “better fulfill their obligation to wear masks”. < p > < p > according to the current timetable, the Paris municipal government may officially announce the scope and specific locations of outdoor mandatory wearing masks on June 6, and “continue to show the Paris public the necessity of wearing masks”, which may be implemented by the end of this week. < p > < p > due to the impact of the epidemic, French restaurants and bars were unable to operate normally, and the export declined, resulting in a sharp drop in wine demand. The French government announced on the 5th that it would strengthen financial support for the wine industry.