Negotiations on a new U.S. bail-out bill are advancing with difficulty. Trump said he was drafting an executive order

On August 7, according to the Chinese website of the United States, U.S. President trump said on the 6th local time that if the talks between the White House and Congress fail to make progress as scheduled, he may push forward the administrative order on the relief measures for the new epidemic situation later this week. Before leaving for Ohio for the event, trump said the executive order would be signed “tomorrow afternoon” or “the morning after tomorrow.”. “It is now being drafted. Let’s wait and see. We may or may not reach an agreement. ” He said it was still possible to reach an agreement with White House representatives on a new round of bail-out, but there were still big differences between the two sides on the maximum amount and specific terms. According to reports, the White House chief of staff, the Treasury Secretary, Senate minority leaders and the speaker of the house of representatives are scheduled to continue their consultations on the evening of 6 June local time. All parties expressed their hope to reach an agreement on key issues before the 7th. Trump has insisted this week that he has the right to issue executive orders to restore expanded unemployment insurance benefits, to resume the federal moratorium on deportation and to suspend payroll taxes. Before leaving for Ohio earlier this week, he wrote on personal social media that he had informed staff to continue drafting executive orders on wage tax cuts, expulsion protection, extension of unemployment benefits and repayment of student loans. < / P > < p > the federal government increased unemployment insurance benefits of $600 a week for unemployed workers in the previous new crown relief bill. It also provides that tenants who participate in the federal housing assistance program, as well as those who live in places backed by federal mortgage loans, cannot be evicted. The ban expired two weeks ago.