Nearly 500000 new cases in Peru

Lima on August 12, the number of new confirmed cases in Peru was close to 500000. President biscala announced new measures for epidemic prevention on August 12 to curb the spread of the epidemic. According to statistics released by Peru’s Ministry of health on the 12th, the country’s total number of confirmed cases has reached 498555, with 21713 deaths. According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, Peru ranks seventh in the world in terms of the number of confirmed cases, second only to Brazil and Mexico in Latin America. < p > < p > in order to curb the rapid spread of the epidemic, biscara announced new epidemic prevention measures on the 12th, including the restoration of daily home isolation for all people in the country since the 16th, but allowing takeout business; the implementation of daily home isolation policy in 5 provinces and 34 regions, including Arequipa, where the epidemic situation is serious, continued or re started; family gathering and social gathering are strictly prohibited; children under the age of 14 can go to school every day Accompanied by adults, they can go out for 30 minutes within 500 meters of their residence.