Nearly 19.5 million cases have been diagnosed in the world, and more than 2 million cases have been diagnosed in India

Novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were diagnosed in 19497499 cases around 6:30 Beijing time, and 722368 cases were diagnosed as cumulative deaths, and 25 cases were confirmed by over 10000 cases in

Worldometer, according to the real-time statistical data of the website of Worldometer. < / P > < p > the global epidemic continues to spread. The United States epidemic model predicts that the number of deaths in China will reach 300000 by the end of the year, and the Brazilian government plans to allocate R $1.9 billion to produce the vaccine. The world’s first new crown vaccine will be registered in Russia on August 12, and the positive rate of detection in France has soared by 33% in the past week. When the confirmed cases in Africa exceed 1 million, who said the epidemic situation in Africa The number of confirmed cases in India has exceeded 2 million, with an increase of more than 60000 for the first time. Japan, which also faces the pressure of epidemic prevention, also has a new record. Novel coronavirus pneumonia was diagnosed in 5084688 cases around 6:30 Beijing time in August 8th, according to Worldometer real-time statistics. 163803 cases died in total. Compared with the data at 6:30 the previous day, there were 52509 new confirmed cases and 999 new deaths in the United States. < / P > < p > according to the latest prediction of the Centers for Disease Control and prevention of the United States, the number of deaths in the United States will reach 181000 as of August 29. According to the latest model from the Institute of health statistics and evaluation of the University of Washington, the number of deaths in the United States may reach 295000 as of December 1. The Institute also said about 70000 lives could be saved if masks were worn consistently from now on. However, to this day, the controversy about wearing masks in the United States is still fierce. At the same time, according to the U.S. media reports, the number of virus detection in 29 states of the United States is declining, including Florida and Texas, which are the worst affected States. Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in Brazil alone was 44880 cases confirmed by the latest data released by the Ministry of health in August 7th, local time,

, 2962442 cases were diagnosed in total, 928 new deaths and 99572 deaths were reported. At present, Brazil still ranks second in the world in confirmed cases and deaths, after the United States. On June 6, Brazilian president bosonaro signed an interim decree, planning to allocate 1.9 billion reais for the production of 100 million new crown vaccines developed by Oxford University in the UK, which has been submitted to the Brazilian Parliament for deliberation. At present, the vaccine has been tested in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo.

novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed that 3007839 cases of new crown pneumonia were diagnosed in 48 countries in Europe and 205606 cases died in August 8th at around 6:30 in Beijing time, and the statistics of Worldometer website showed that According to the data, the three countries with the largest cumulative number of confirmed cases in Europe are Russia, Spain and the United Kingdom. The world’s first new crown vaccine will be registered in Russia on August 12, Russian Vice Minister of health grednev said on the 7th. “We have to make sure that the vaccine is safe and that priority will be given to health care workers and the elderly,” gredniev told reporters The vaccine was jointly developed by the Institute of gamaliya and the Russian Ministry of defense. The trial phase began on June 18, with 38 volunteers participating and all of them were immunized. Russian health minister murashko has said that Russia is expected to start mass vaccination in October this year, all costs will be covered by the state budget. On August 7 local time, British Transport Minister grant sharps said passengers entering the UK from Belgium, Bahamas and Andorra must be quarantined for 14 days from 4:00 BST on Saturday. This is the new three countries after Britain re implemented the immigration quarantine policy to Spain and Luxemburg. In England, Wales and Northern Ireland, people who do not comply with the segregation requirements are liable to a fine of up to 1000 pounds, those who return to Scotland who fail to comply with the segregation requirements may be fined 480 pounds, and those who continue to violate the ban will be fined up to 5000 pounds. According to weekly statistics novel coronavirus pneumonia released by the French public health department on 6 June,

increased the proportion of positive tests in the past week by 33%. Statistics show that in the week from July 27 to August 2, 7565 people in France tested positive, an increase of 33% over the previous week. The public health department also pointed out that the growth rate exceeded the growth rate of the number of people tested, which increased by 14% in the same week.

novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed that 1024972 cases of new crown pneumonia were diagnosed in 57 countries in Africa and 22541 cases died in August 8th at around 6:30 in Beijing time, and the statistics of Worldometer website showed that At present, 13 countries in Africa have reported more than 10000 confirmed cases, and the countries with more serious epidemic situation include South Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, etc. With more than 1 million confirmed cases in Africa, Stephen, who’s Africa director, said the epidemic situation in Africa will “accelerate” because medical conditions in many countries are limited, and the actual number of infected people may far exceed the total number of confirmed cases. He also said that Africa’s epidemic peak has not yet arrived, but many countries have begun to relax restrictions, and these countries have reported more than 80% of the new cases. The International Rescue Committee of the humanitarian organization also said that the detection rate of African countries is far lower than the standard set by the World Health Organization. Nigeria, the most populous African country, only tests about 3000 cases a day, but the number of confirmed cases is about 300 every day. Cameroon, a central African country with 17700 confirmed cases, among the total population of 25 million, has been tested Less than 1%. Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in India has risen to 2027075 cases, according to the latest data released by

‘s official website of India health ministry in August 7th. In the past 24 hours, 62538 new confirmed cases were reported in India, the largest increase in a single day; 886 new deaths occurred, with a total of 41585 deaths. At present, India has more than 50000 new confirmed cases in a single day for nine consecutive days. < / P > < p > the BBC noted that it took India 20 days to grow its total number of cases from 1 million to 2 million, faster than in the United States and Brazil. India also has a large number of new cases per day, and the reasons why it is difficult to control the epidemic in the country are also related to its size, population and diversity. Novel coronavirus pneumonia deaths were estimated by various reasons, including delayed reporting and how to determine whether the cause of death is related to the new crown virus, the India government. At the same time, after nearly two months of tight blockade, India reopened to the outside world, spurred by low mortality, leading to a surge in cases in some areas. Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed by

, Japan’s latest broadcasting statistics, is 1595 at the time of 20 local time, and 7 days after the outbreak. Up to now, 46601 cases have been diagnosed in Japan and 1053 people have died. In addition, there were 462 newly infected people in Tokyo, and more than 400 people were infected again after six days. In other areas, Osaka Prefecture has 255 people, Okinawa county has 100 people, Shiga county has 31 people and Akita county has 14 people, setting a new record in the history of four regions. In novel coronavirus pneumonia,

decided to pay for the new crown pneumonia in August 7th. Of the total reserve fund of 1.1257 trillion yen, 915 billion yen will be used as an additional part of the “continuing subsidy” project to support small and medium-sized enterprises whose performance has deteriorated due to the impact of the epidemic. “Continuing subsidy” is a kind of subsidy measure that can provide up to 2 million yen to small and medium-sized enterprises affected by the epidemic and whose income has been reduced by half, and to individual businesses including self-employed workers up to 1 million yen. In Asian countries, except India and Japan, 54797 cases were diagnosed in Singapore, 80991 cases in Israel and 14519 cases in South Korea In addition to the United States and Brazil, 455409 cases were diagnosed in Peru and 368825 cases in Chile