Navarro publicly denied Zuckerberg’s influence on the White House tiktok decision

Guo Han, a Wall Street Journal article on August 23, revealed that Facebook CEO Zuckerberg has repeatedly “blown news” in Trump’s ear over the past year, exaggerating tiktok’s “China threat” and helping the US government to suppress it. For Facebook, this move not only helps to compete, but also diverts attention from issues such as its own disclosure of user privacy and laissez faire controversial comments. The White House and Facebook spokesman immediately denied the disclosure. A day later, White House adviser Navarro, who discredited China’s addiction, went on TV to clear up Zuckerberg, saying that the reports were “unreliable” and that Zuckerberg’s decision to block tiktok by the White House “had no influence”. However, in view of Navarro’s “bad deeds” in fabricating “conspiracy theory” and making anti science remarks, American netizens have long refused to buy Navarro’s account, denouncing him as a “liar” and satirizing that “Zuckerberg’s influence on the White House is greater than you”. < / P > < p > “zero. Mark Zuckerberg has zero influence on any decision about tiktok. ” Navarro made a point on the consumer news and business channel. < / P > < p > he claimed to have witnessed the entire decision-making process of the White House putting pressure on tiktok and introducing a ban. As for the content of the Wall Street Journal’s disclosure, it is the first time I have heard that its article has “no credibility”. The so-called “tikp” of China’s government does not refer to the so-called “tikp” of the Chinese government’s “Tik cloud”, which is not the so-called “Chinese government’s” tikp >, but the so-called “Chinese government’s” behavior of tikp >, which is not aimed at China’s government. < / P > < p > next, the host asked about the progress of tiktok business acquisition negotiation. Navarro said that he did not participate in the negotiation process too much and did not know the details, but was happy to see Oracle join the negotiation. Because in his eyes, Microsoft is “too deeply connected with China”, while Oracle is “one of the toughest and smartest companies on earth”. Finally, Navarro also tried to force a “joke” ending, claiming that “the Chinese government knows more about where their children are than American parents.”. As a result, he was interrupted before he finished speaking, leaving a helpless expression on his face. < / P > < p > he once forced “friends out of nothing” in his book, the conspiracy theory of spreading the new epidemic situation to China, and openly “shelled” fudge, an anti epidemic expert. A series of previous “performances” by Navarro were seen by American netizens, and their comments had already been ignored. Some people said bluntly: “we lie again and again, but should we take him or anyone in this administration seriously this time?” < / P > < p > some people satirize Navarro’s “fabricating” experts and talking to himself: “it’s not Zuckerberg, but the” highly respected “Ron Valla.” < / P > < p > others said that Navarro was a “liar”, and his body language revealed that he was lying: “another liar! When he talks, he breathes heavily, his hands clench and his eyes float everywhere. We all know that trump loves to listen to his billionaire friends. Zuckerberg sees an opportunity to crush Chinese competitors. ”