National Health Insurance Bureau: Internet plus medical insurance payment will take online and offline reimbursement policy.

Beijing 2 National Health Insurance Bureau issued the 2 guidance on actively promoting the Internet plus medical insurance payment work on November. The internet medical institutions that meet the requirements can be included in the designated medical insurance by voluntary medical institutions. The “Internet plus” medical insurance payment will adopt a consistent online and offline reimbursement policy. Novel coronavirus pneumonia is the guiding principle of

Internet plus medical insurance. For example, the “Internet +” medical insurance payment is the demand for the slow renewal of outpatient visits, and the insured person’s return to the Internet plus designated medical institution in the area of the Internet plus the fees for the examination and the cost of the drugs can be paid according to the local medical insurance regulations. The part of medical insurance burden is directly settled by the local medical insurance agency, entity designated medical institutions and designated retail pharmacies. It is worth noting that the guidance also reserved forward-looking reform measures for medical treatment in other places. Xiong Xianjun, director of the medical service management division of the state health insurance bureau, said that the Internet plus medical services currently covered by the medical insurance are mainly confined to the overall planning area. The next step will support the local exploration of direct settlement of outpatient outpatient expenses, the cross regional circulation of electronic prescriptions, and so on, so as to achieve more information and prescription and run away less. Lu Qingjun, director of the Development Office of the China Japan Friendship Hospital, said that one of the highlights of the guidance is to coordinate the establishment of prescription circulation platform by regional medical insurance centers. This means that the prescriptions of Internet hospitals will be distributed to medical insurance centers and patients at the same time, so as to ensure the anti tampering, anti-counterfeiting, anti-counterfeiting and anti-fraud protection in the circulation of electronic prescriptions. Using medical insurance payment certificate, it is more convenient for Internet hospitals to verify the identity of patients. These measures will lay a foundation for the realization of remote medical treatment and outpatient direct reimbursement, which will be more convenient and beneficial to the people. < / P > < p > “the guidance does not treat hospitals and third-party platforms differently, but also defines the implementation path of medical insurance payment based on the third-party internet medical platform relying on physical medical institutions.” Fu Hongqiao, an associate researcher at the school of public health, Peking University, said that this reflects the fact that the medical insurance sector will be fair and equal to the fair competition under the online and offline sectors so as to further promote the development of the “Internet plus” medical service format.