NASA releases eight Mars “postcards” to celebrate the 8th anniversary of curiosity’s fire exploration (photo)

On August 6, according to foreign media reports, recently, NASA has released several new pictures taken by the Mars rover curiosity to celebrate the eighth anniversary of its landing on Mars. It is reported that curiosity was launched in 2011 and arrived on the red planet Mars on August 5, 2012. So far, curiosity has traveled more than 14 miles, drilling 26 rock samples and collecting six soil samples along the way. < / P > < p > this time, NASA shared eight Mars “postcards” to commemorate the eighth anniversary of curiosity’s landing on Mars. One of the newly released images shows a panoramic view of Mount sharp taken by curiosity in the early morning of October 13, 2019. The panorama is made up of 44 photos. < / P > < p > there is also a panorama taken on March 24, 2014, near the sharp mountain base. This picture shows how far curiosity has gone in more than six years, and the white arrow indicates the general position of curiosity. < / P > < p > there is also a photo showing the “Italian western landscape” described by NASA. Curiosity captured this panoramic image in December 2019, which consists of 130 images. It shows a place in the foreground called western butte. It is reported that the main mission of curiosity is to find out whether the historical environment of Mars was suitable for life. “Curiosity” was originally scheduled for two years, but after several extensions, it is still on Mars exploration mission.