Nanning, Guangxi: Employment Placement “double election meeting” to help veteran employment

On August 29, the mobile detachment of Guangxi Armed Police Corps held a “double selection meeting” for employment in 2020, providing “one-stop” employment services for more than 200 retired soldiers of the detachment, actively paving the way for the employment of the soldiers to be retired and solving their worries. < p > < p > it is reported that this detachment, in combination with the actual situation of the unit, fully explored the employment needs of the soldiers to be retired before the “double selection meeting”. According to their professional expertise, 24 domestic well-known enterprises were invited to provide more than 600 jobs such as firefighters, sales managers, safety engineers, and material management foremen. At the recruitment site, many enterprises also organized career guidance groups to provide one-to-one guidance for officers and soldiers, helping officers and soldiers understand the nature and characteristics of employment posts, and further help the soldiers to be retired obtain employment with high quality and efficiency. < / P > < p > “veterans have the quality spirit of hard work and dedication, which are more suitable for enterprises to focus on the cultivation of management talents. Our employers can use them with ease and ease.” The personnel representative of an enterprise who has cooperated with the detachment for many years told us. In recent years, the detachment has helped hundreds of retired soldiers get employed successfully by holding “double selection meeting” for employment placement.