Nanjiang County, Sichuan province holds a field office meeting of the Ministry of human resources and armed forces

Before October 15, Chengdu, Nanjiang County of Sichuan Province held an on-site office meeting of the Ministry of human resources and armed forces to listen to the work report, study and solve the problems existing in the army construction, arrange and deploy the next work, and promote the county’s human and military work to a new level. < p > < p > Li Benyong, Secretary of the county Party committee and the Party committee of the people’s Armed Forces Department of the county, Li Wenrong, director of the Party committee and office of the county Party committee, Yue Wei, deputy director, and members of the Party committee of the Ministry of human resources and armed forces attended the meeting. Before the meeting, they visited the standardization construction of the Ministry of people’s armed forces and entered the honor room and other places to understand the history and current situation of the unit. After visiting and listening to the work report of the Party committee, Secretary Li fully affirmed that the people’s and Armed Forces Department of the county focused on the main line of strong arms war, highlighted the main responsibility and main business, vigorously promoted the ideological and political construction, reserve force construction, the whole group reform of the militia, improving the quality of soldiers and training of the militia, and actively participated in the local economic and social construction. At the meeting, Secretary Li held on-the-spot discussions on seven topics such as “strengthening the construction of key militia units” sorted out by the Ministry of people’s armed forces. The meeting called for the implementation of all tasks of the people’s armed forces with a solid work style. In accordance with the division of responsibilities, the county people’s Armed Forces Department and all regional departments and units should strengthen organization and leadership, strengthen communication and cooperation, earnestly do a good job in the construction of national defense reserve forces under the normal situation of epidemic prevention and control, pay attention to the standardized construction of grass-roots units, complete the recruitment work in 2020 with high quality, timely summarize the experience and lessons, and actively promote national defense education into units, schools, scenic spots, communities, rural areas and battalions Create a strong atmosphere in which everyone cares, supports and participates in national defense, and strive to create a new situation in national defense mobilization and reserve force construction.