Moroccan Navy intercepts 127 stowaways in Mediterranean Sea

Rabat, December 19 according to Moroccan media reports on December 19, the coast guard attached to the Moroccan Navy intercepted 127 stowaways in the Mediterranean on the same day. The official Moroccan news agency quoted military sources as saying that the Moroccan Coast Guard intercepted a number of rubber boats in the Mediterranean, with 127 stowaways on board, most of them from sub Saharan countries. < / P > < p > it is reported that the coast guard has provided necessary rescue to some of the people in poor health, who have been sent to the northern port of Morocco. < / P > < p > Morocco and Spain face each other across the Strait of gibraltarian, and the ferry journey between the two places is about 40 minutes. From Morocco to Spain is the main route for illegal immigrants to Europe