More than 870000 confirmed cases in Russia’s new crown vaccine volunteers have returned to normal life

On August 6, according to the Russian satellite network, Russia’s new coronavirus epidemic prevention and control headquarters said on the 6th that in the past 24 hours, there were 5267 new cases of new coronavirus infection in Russia, with a total of 871894 cases; 116 new deaths and 14606 deaths. Vadim talasov, Dean of the school of translational medicine and biotechnology, the first Medical University of Moscow, Russia, said recently that the volunteers who had carried out the new coronavirus test at the university had received the last examination, and all felt good about themselves and had returned to normal life. < / P > < p > Tarasov said, “everything goes according to the rules, and everyone feels normal about themselves. We’ve seen safety, we’ve taken samples, and we’re going to evaluate the results further. The volunteers have returned to normal life after discharge < / P > < p > he pointed out that the volunteers had been vaccinated twice, and later, the gamaliya research center would assess their immunity and compare the results with those of the volunteers who received only one vaccination. < / P > < p > the clinical trial of the vaccine, developed by the National Research Center for epidemiology and microbiology of gamaliya, Russia, began on June 18 at the University of shechenov. Thirty eight volunteers participated in the trial, which confirmed the safety of the vaccine. It is understood that all vaccinated people have developed immunity. The first group was discharged on July 15 and the second group was discharged on July 20.