More than 57 thousand confirmed novel coronavirus pneumonia cases were diagnosed in Brazil on a single day, with a cumulative diagnosis exceeding 2 million 850 thousand.

Novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in St Paul in August 5th, Brazil, August 5th. The data released by the Ministry of health of the 5 local time on 18:40 in

showed that 57152 new cases of newly diagnosed pneumonia were confirmed in the new day, 2859073 cases were confirmed, 1437 new cases were dead, 97256 cases were accumulative death, 2020637 cases were cured. Up to now, Brazil ranks the second in the world in terms of cumulative confirmed cases and deaths, second only to the United States. Sao Paulo, the most serious state with the most serious epidemic, has accumulated more than 585000 confirmed cases and over 24000 deaths. In addition, more than 181000 cases were diagnosed in saiala, 179000 and 172000 cases in Bahia and Rio de Janeiro respectively, and more than 160000 cases in Pala. More than 115000 cases have been confirmed in the federal district where Brasilia is located. Brazil’s president bosonaro said on the 5th that the federal government could not afford to pay emergency relief funds for people who did not have formal jobs for a long time. At present, the Brazilian government has issued three phases of relief funds with the amount of R $600 per person. Therefore, the Brazilian government needs to spend R $50 billion per month. Bosonaro said the way to save the economy was to “make the economy work.”. < p > < p > the governor of Sao Paulo state, Joao dolia, announced on the same day that bars, restaurants and food shops in some cities, such as Sao Paulo City, which are in the “yellow” epidemic prevention stage, will be allowed to open at night from June 6, and the business hours of bars, restaurants and food shops in some cities can be opened up to 22 o’clock at the latest, and the daily business hours are still limited to 6 hours. Novel coronavirus pneumonia in Brazil has reached 135 pregnant women, most of whom are in the last few months of pregnancy, according to Brazil media reports, according to

media in Brazil. Brazil has become the country with the largest number of maternal deaths from the new coronavirus.