More than 50000 new cases of mutated virus reported in Sri Lanka

Colombo, January 14 Sri Lanka’s Ministry of health released data on January 14, showing that the country’s cumulative number of new crown confirmed cases has exceeded 50000. A British citizen who arrived in Colombo was found to be infected with the mutated new coronavirus, a Ministry of health official said on the 13th. According to the Ministry of health of Sri Lanka, as of 10:00 on the 14th, 692 new crown cases were newly diagnosed in the country in the past 24 hours, with a total of 50229 confirmed cases and 247 deaths. < / P > < p > since the first local new crown case was reported in Sri Lanka in March 2020, the epidemic situation has been relatively stable. However, in early October last year, a cluster infection occurred in a garment factory on the outskirts of the capital, Colombo, which led to a number of related infection incidents in Colombo and surrounding areas. According to the statistics of the Ministry of health of Sri Lanka, there are more than 46000 cases of new crown infection from clothing factories, fish markets and prisons. On the 13th, Sri Lanka’s chief epidemiologist samaravira told local media that a British citizen who recently arrived in Colombo was found to be infected with mutated new coronavirus, which is the first case of mutated new coronavirus infection reported in Sri Lanka. Samaravira said Sri Lanka is working to prevent the spread of the mutated new coronavirus. < / P > < p > local media recently quoted Fernando play, Minister of state in charge of basic medical and health services, epidemic and new crown prevention and control, as saying that the new crown vaccine was received every month, and people can start vaccinating in mid February or at the end of February.