More than 5000 new cases were added in Germany on July 7, and the doctors’ Union warned that the second wave of the epidemic had arrived

Berlin, Aug. 5, the number of new coronavirus infections in Germany in the past seven days has exceeded 5000 as of the 4th local time. German Doctors Union president Susan Johanna said the same day that Germany has been in the second wave of mild outbreak. She called on the public to continue to abide by the epidemic prevention requirements, maintain interpersonal distance, wash hands frequently, wear masks, and strive to slow down the spread of the virus before the emergence of specific drugs. < / P > < p > according to the German “time online people. In the past seven days, a total of 5152 new confirmed cases have been added in Germany, which has returned to the level of mid May according to the number of new confirmed cases per 100000 people. She pointed out that although the scale of the second wave of the epidemic in Germany will not be the same as that of the first wave from March to April this year, the number of newly diagnosed cases is also rising again, so there is a risk that the achievements made in the fight against the epidemic will be wasted. < / P > < p > “we all aspire to return to normality, but we are far from normal.” Susan Johanna said that novel coronavirus pneumonia is not yet available, so action must be taken to slow down the spread of the virus. The specific measures include maintaining interpersonal distance, washing hands frequently, wearing masks daily, and isolating areas where the outbreak is localized. In particular, she refuted the idea that “the new coronavirus is not lethal” by some people in Germany: “many people have died of the new coronavirus in Germany, and tens of thousands of people worldwide die of this virus every day. Many people will still have long-term sequelae, and their daily life will be limited because their lungs or kidneys can no longer function properly