More than 30 people died in Nepal due to natural disasters such as mudslides and floods

According to Nepal’s state television, the death toll has risen to 32 people and 39 people are still missing after a mudslide occurred 8 days ago in Lidi village, sindupar Chok County, Nepal’s state television reported. A total of 37 houses were washed away by the debris flow, local police officials said. < p > < p > three days ago, a flood broke out in the Kairas River in Akam County, western Nepal, resulting in 6 deaths and 11 missing. A search and rescue team of Nepalese Army, police and armed police is looking for the missing, the local police said. < p > < p > a working group led by Nepal’s interior minister Thapa visited the flood stricken areas on the 21st of local time and promised that the Nepalese government would provide appropriate relief and compensation for the families suffering from the flood.