More than 20000 new coronal infections were added in Russia in a single day, setting a new high in the number of new cases in a single day

Moscow, November 6, the new coronavirus epidemic prevention headquarters of Russia announced on the 6th that 20582 new coronavirus infections were reported in Russia in the past day, setting a new record in a single day. According to the news, this is the first time that Russia has broken through 20000 new cases in a single day since the outbreak of the new epidemic in Russia. The cumulative number of new coronal infections in Russia has exceeded 1.733 million. In the past day, 16955 new coronavirus infected patients recovered, breaking the record of single day rehabilitation. On the same day, Russian President’s press secretary Peskov said that the current epidemic situation was shocking and the authorities were taking relevant measures. He stressed that the relevant measures did not mean a complete blockade, but that appropriate decisions should be made in accordance with specific circumstances in each region. According to the survey of 74000 volunteers in 26 regions of Russia, 14 regions in Russia have improved their immunity to the new coronavirus epidemic compared with the summer. The level of group immunity is different in different regions. Even in the neighboring areas, due to the different policies in different regions, the indexes of group immunity are also very different. Russian virologist altstein said that Russia may be close to the peak of the epidemic. The epidemic is expected to ease in the second half of next spring. Moscow is the worst hit area of Russia. According to the new coronavirus epidemic prevention command of Russia, 6253 new cases of new coronavirus infection have been added in the past day. This is the first time that the number of new infections in Moscow has exceeded 6000 in a single day. On the same day, Moscow vice mayor lakova revealed that in the last four days, the number of new coronavirus infections in Moscow increased by 24%, and the number of hospitalized patients increased by 9%. It cannot be said that Moscow is stable at the moment. Moscow State issued an order on the same day, extending the ban on sports competitions and public access to entertainment places and museums until November 22.