More than 19 million cases of new crown confirmed cases in the world

According to the latest statistics from Johns Hopkins University on August 7, as of 9:35, Beijing time, the total number of confirmed cases of the new crown has exceeded 19 million, and the cumulative death rate has exceeded 710000. According to who, six new coronal vaccines have entered phase III clinical trials; the United States has lifted the global travel warning; and many countries continue to increase the scale of prevention and control to stop the spread of the epidemic.

China held a novel coronavirus pneumonia Conference on August 6th, Ruian health emergency project leader said. At present, about 165 vaccines are in the pilot stage, 26 are in clinical trials, 6 are in the three phase of clinical trials, three of them are from China, and the results are incredible in the short term. At the meeting, who director general Tan Desai stressed that while accelerating vaccine development, fair distribution should be ensured. “Vaccine nationalism” has no advantages. Only when the world recovers together can it recover more quickly, because this is a globalized world.

Tan Desai also said novel coronavirus pneumonia changed the world and challenged the limits of the health system, indicating that investment in the health sector is crucial to national security. To build stronger health systems, both high-income and low-income countries need to invest in political will, resources and technical expertise, he said. < p > < p > the total number of confirmed cases of new crown in the United States was more than 4.87 million, and the cumulative death rate was more than 160000. According to the overall forecast released by the Centers for Disease Control and prevention on August 6, there will be more than 181000 new crown deaths in the United States as of August 29; in addition, researchers from the University of Washington predict that the death toll of the new crown in the United States may be close to 300000 as of December 1. On the afternoon of June 6, local time, US President trump arrived in Cleveland, Ohio by special plane, delivered a speech on economic topics, and then visited a factory in Clyde. However, Ohio governor dwayn did not meet trump as planned. When he received the new coronavirus test and the test results were positive, he planned to isolate him at home for 14 days. On the same day, the U.S. State Department announced that it would withdraw the highest level travel alert issued in March, which requires us citizens to avoid all outbound travel. But at present, there are still many countries and regions, including the European Union, the United Kingdom and so on. Germany reported 1045 new cases of new crowns on June 6, the first time it rebounded to more than 1000 in recent three months. The Federal Minister of Health announced a series of new measures, including that people returning from 128 high-risk countries and regions officially recognized by Germany from August 8 must accept the new crown test, and those who evade the test can face a maximum fine of 25000 euros. Recently, the number of newly diagnosed cases in a single day in Switzerland has exceeded 100, and many states have introduced new measures for prevention and control. The Italian speaking state of tichino announced on the 6th that it would extend the existing prevention and control measures until August 24, while the German speaking state of Zurich also said it would strengthen the inspection of clubs and companies. Recently, Egyptian Prime Minister madebuli announced a decision that all immigrants entering Egypt by land, sea or air should provide a negative nucleic acid test result valid within 72 hours when entering Egypt. Israeli Vice Prime Minister and defense minister Ganz announced on the 6th that Israel will carry out clinical trials of the new crown vaccine from October. On the same day, Ganz visited the Israel Institute of biology under the Ministry of defense and listened to the director’s report on the latest development of vaccine research and development. At the same time, Brazil reported more than 2.91 million confirmed cases on the 6th. On the same day, President bosonaro signed an interim decree to allocate 1.9 billion reais for the production of 100 million new crown vaccines developed by Oxford University in the UK. The decree has been submitted to the Brazilian Parliament for deliberation. < p > < p > in addition, the website of the Russian Federation biomedical agency said that it had registered the anti new coronal drug retragan in Russia. It is the first and only opioid receptor agonist in the world which has entered the clinical application stage.