More than 17 tons of EU aid to Lebanon delivered to Beirut

China News Agency, Brussels, August 13, the European Union announced on August 13 that more than 17 tons of aid to Lebanon arrived in Beirut and will be used to help the most vulnerable people in Lebanon after the Beirut explosion. < / P > < p > according to the announcement issued by the European Commission on the same day, on the morning of the 13th local time, a cargo plane carrying more than 17 tons of goods landed in Beirut, including humanitarian supplies, medicines, medical equipment, etc., aiming to provide emergency relief to the most vulnerable people in Lebanon. < / P > < p > according to the announcement, these materials are purchased by the European Union humanitarian partners, the United Nations Children’s fund, the World Medical Association and other aspects, and the freight transport fee is solely responsible by the European Union; Lennar Chichi, member of the European Commission responsible for crisis management, said that the aid materials will ease the supply of medical equipment in Lebanon, provide support for the local medical system, and then help Lebanon The most vulnerable people in Lebanon. < / P > < p > in addition, on August 6, the president of the European Commission, Frederick von der lain, telephoned with Prime Minister diab of Lebanon, confirming that the European Union would provide 33 million euros worth of aid to Lebanon for local medical assistance and protection of key infrastructure; on August 9, the International Pledging Conference for Lebanon was held in Paris, at which the European Union pledged 30 million euros to provide emergency human resources for Lebanon Taoist aid. < / P > < p > as for the EU’s aid to Lebanon, von der lain said on the phone with diab that the current unity and stability of Lebanon is more and more important to the region, and the EU attaches great importance to it. In addition to providing emergency humanitarian assistance, the EU will also be committed to supporting the reconstruction of Beirut, such as dispatching experts and equipment to help assess the explosion disaster, helping to deal with asbestos and other harmful substances, and preparing to discuss the issue How to enhance Lebanon’s trade with Europe and provide trade preferences and customs clearance facilities for Lebanon’s products exported to Europe.