More than 1400 new confirmed cases were found in the US military in one week, with a total of over 33000 cases

novel coronavirus pneumonia confirmed in the past week that more than 1400 confirmed cases of new crown pneumonia were reported in the US Department of defense, 14, which totaled more than 33000 cases. According to the US “Star Spangled Banner” website, 602 new cases were reported in the US Army in the past week, with a total of 11385 confirmed cases. Compared with last week, the number of new cases in the Marine Corps has decreased, with 239 cases increased since Monday, and 4098 cases have been confirmed. The number of cases in both the US Navy and the air force has increased in the past week, 323 cases in the Navy, 7728 cases in total, 217 cases in the air force and 5192 cases in the air force. The number of cases in the National Guard decreased significantly, with 96 new cases, totaling 4295 cases. Last week, the National Guard reported 294 new cases. Air Force General John Hatten, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of staff and air force general, said on the 12th that in order to continue training and deployment of personnel, the military had to find ways to adapt to the epidemic situation. In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus, more than 30000 US troops have been isolated.