More than 1.46 million square meters involved in the recovery of 12 US bases in South Korea

South Korea and the United States reached an agreement on the return of 12 U.S. military bases to South Korea at the first meeting of the Joint Committee on the status of U.S. forces in South Korea on the same day, Cui Zhangyuan, the first director of the state affairs adjustment Office of South Korea’s Tsing wa Tai, said at a meeting in the office building of the Ministry of defense on December 11. < / P > < p > according to the agreement, the US military bases to be recovered by South Korea include five in Longshan District, one in Central District, three in Gyeonggi do, one in Daegu City, one in gyeongshang North Road and one in Jiangyuan road. The total area is 1.465 million square meters. According to the report, this is the first time that South Korea and the United States have resumed part of the land of the US military base in Longshan since they started the return of 80 US military bases in South Korea in 2002 and 2004 respectively according to the joint land management plan and the Longshan base relocation plan. The government said it would use the site to build apartments, a special hospital for infectious diseases and a Longshan park. < p > < p > Cui Zhangyuan said that the government will comprehensively consider the relocation plan of the U.S. military base in South Korea, the regional development plans of local governments, the consultation with the U.S. side and other factors, and strive to recover all the land of Longshan base and other U.S. military bases in South Korea as soon as possible.