More romance, less responsibility? Foreign media: France is the “champion” of abandoned pets in Europe

Europeans are known for their love of pets, but every year a large number of cats, dogs and other pets are abandoned by their owners and become a social burden. In France alone, 100000 to 200000 pets are abandoned every year. More than half of French families have at least one pet. But at the same time, many pets are abandoned every year in France. In one video, France is described as the “champion” of abandoned pets in Europe. Seems to be to emphasize this point, the soundtrack of the video is the rock song of the British Queen band, we are the champion. < / P > < p > according to the analysis of French veterinarian Charlotte, many people buy pets on a whim. She said that some French raise cats and dogs in order to keep up with the fashion. Because some cats and dogs are very fashionable, they begin to pursue them. But a few years later, it was no longer fashionable, and pets faced the fate of being abandoned. Another reason, she points out, is that parents often give their children pets as gifts. But when children grow up and lose interest in pets, they will be swept out of the house. < p > < p > according to Charlotte’s further analysis, the French are used to buying prescription drugs from pharmacies without paying, but when their pets get sick, they have to pay their own money to treat them, which makes them shocked and unacceptable, and it also leads to the abandonment of many sick or elderly pets. < / P > < p > the report also pointed out that summer is the peak time for French tourists, but many hotels charge extra for pets, or simply ban taking pets to stay, which makes a large number of pets abandoned. Therefore, in the summer, there will be many stray dogs and cats at the gas stations along the French beaches or roads.